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A complete course to help you improve your English Speaking Skills and help you feel more confident. 

What is it? 

If you are tired of losing opportunities because you don't speak English well, 

then you are at the right place! 

This course will help you bring your English Conversational Skills to the next level. 

It consists of a series video lessons, that will guide you through the most important topics to help you 

improve your Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening and speaking Skills. 

Simply watch, learn and apply!

Who is this course for?

If you find yourself struggling with grammar, speaking, or listening in English;
If you are trying to advance in your career;
If you intend to go on holiday to an English-speaking country;
Whether you are a student, a professional, or a retiree, this English course can benefit you and help you communicate more effectively!

Course Program step-by-step

Find out what is inside the program!


Basic English Communication

Day 1: Introduction to Spoken English – Importance and benefits, brief overview of the course.

Day 2: English Alphabets and Sounds – Understanding different sounds and their correct pronunciation.

Day 3: English Vocabulary Building - Basic words and phrases used in daily life.

Day 4: Basic Sentence Structure – Subject, verb, and object placements.

Day 5: Tenses Introduction – Present simple and present continuous tenses.

Day 6: Listening Exercise – Basic comprehension skills and vocabulary recognition.

Day 7: Recap and Practice – Review of the week's material and interactive practice session.

week 2

Intermediate English Communication

Day 8: Advanced Vocabulary – Introduction to more complex words and phrases.

Day 9: Tenses – Past simple and past continuous tenses.

Day 10: Asking Questions – Forming basic and intermediate level questions.

Day 11: Conversation Practice – Role-plays on common everyday scenarios.

Day 12: Tenses – Future simple and future continuous tenses.

Day 13: Listening Exercise – Intermediate comprehension skills and vocabulary recognition.

Day 14: Recap and Practice – Review of the week's material and interactive practice session.

week 3

Advanced English Communication

Day 15: Advanced Grammar – Modal verbs, conditionals, passive voice.

Day 16: Pronunciation Skills – Focus on intonation, stress, and rhythm in English speech.

Day 17: Idioms and Phrasal Verbs – Understanding and using idiomatic expressions.

Day 18: Professional Communication – Business English, formal language usage.

Day 19: Conversation Practice – Role-plays involving professional and academic situations.

Day 20: Listening Exercise – Advanced comprehension skills and vocabulary recognition.

Day 21: Recap and Practice – Review of the week's material and interactive practice session.

week 4

Fluency and Mastery

Day 22: Public Speaking – Techniques for effective presentations and speeches in English.

Day 23: Advanced Grammar – Reported speech, relative clauses, and complex sentence structure.

Day 24: Accent Neutralization – Understanding different accents and working towards a neutral accent.

Day 25: Conversation Practice – Role-plays on complex scenarios and discussions.

Day 26: Listening and Understanding – Focus on understanding native speakers, movies, songs, etc.

Day 27: Confidence Building – Techniques and practices to build confidence in English speaking.

Day 28: Final Recap and Practice – Comprehensive review of the course and final interactive practice session.

About the Teacher

My name is Oksana and I have been helping people to learn English for all my life.
I have a degree in linguistics and thus I have a deep understanding of the English language and can explain it in a way that is easily understood by students.
I also have more than 12 years of experience in teaching non-native English speakers which helps me better understand my students’ unique language learning challenges.
I know exactly what difficulties you face in your learning journey and I know how to make it easier for you!

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